Welcome to my homepage. I’m a printmaker and artist, living in Gießen, Germany.

I studied Art Education (from 2010-2017) at University in Gießen, where I got into printmaking. I like to print with all kinds of techniques, such as lino printing and screen printing. I am especially fascinated by patterns, geographical forms and all kind of motifs from nature and animal world. I love to combine different styles and techniques to explore new possibilities. So printmaking becomes a never ending adventure 🙂

Many of my Printing Products are available on Etsy (—-> link to online shop)

….more about my Vita and Exibitions—> link to Bio


In June 2018 I opend my own studio, the „Graphic Art Studio 25“, where I work and exhibit my new artwork and some products like posters and T-shirts.

Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in any of my Artwork or just have any questions about my work.

—> Contact: teresa.rinder89@gmx.de


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